First Friday Favorites

The ultimate long-lasting lip combo

January 4, 2019

Hello City Babes!

Happy Friyayyy! Our new year has officially kicked off to a great start. For those of you who haven’t heard, we have totally revamped our site and its seriously like, “New site, who’s this?” More than anything, we aim to create a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for you all. So if you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you give it a peak. On another note, since it’s the first Friday of the year, lets dig deep into my first Friday favorites.

On busy days, I like to throw on a lipstick that’s going to last through literally every moment of my day. From my first cup of coffee, to my afternoon sandwich, to my late-night dinner and glass of wine. Who has time to worry about smudging?! I don’t! I just need something that I know I can trust to stay put all day without having to retouch. Which is why on busy days, I always reach for my Be Matte Liquid Lipstick. There are a total of eight shades in this liquid lipstick formula which means you can definitely find one for any one of your outings. I’ve tried my fair of liquid lipsticks, from drug store to high end, but none can match the quality of the Be Matte Liquid Lipstick. The application is so smooth because it applies like a cream lipstick but finishes off matte and its hourglass applicator makes for an effortless application. Not only that, but my biggest issue with liquid lipsticks is that over the course of my day, they will tend to get chalky and cause my lips to feel extremely dry. The Be Matte Liquid Lipstick is enriched with Vitamin E, making my lips feel nourished and hydrated all day long! So, you can find me going about my long days with my lips looking bomb AF!

One of my favorite items to pair with the Be Matte Liquid Lipstick is the City Chic Lip Liner. Outlining your lips prior to lipstick application will make it so much easier and add depth to give your appearance of fuller lips. I personally refuse to apply any sort of lipstick without first outlining my lips, because if I don’t outline my lips, I end up looking like a hot mess. Props to you ladies who have mastered this task because after several attempts at it, I have yet to succeed. The City Chic Lip Liner is the perfect go-to for an everyday lipstick. It’s creamy, lightweight formula makes for an easy application that can be worn alone as a lipstick or paired with your choice of cream or liquid lipstick. And did I mention it’s available in fourteen different shades!?!

So, Tip Of the Day, if you struggle with lipstick application, start off with a City Chic Lip Liner and then proceed with your favorite lipstick. It’s the simplest yet most effective tip I’ve ever lived by.

Well City Babes, this concludes my Friday Favorites. Now, you know I’m all about good deals, so before I clock out for the day, I must share this amazing BOGO deal running now through Sunday. The BOGO sale includes the Be Matte Liquid Lipstick and the City Chic Lip Liner with many more great products! You don’t need a code or anything fancy just go onto our site hit the BOGO tab on the menu, and any products listed are part of the deal. Pretty sweet right? Don’t miss out on this deal because its only running from now till Sunday! Treat Yourself, Its Friyayyy!