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Coachella Inspired Look

    April 19, 2019

      Hello City Babes!

      Welcome back to the City Color Blog and happy Spring! Spring has officially brought us warmer days, fields of poppies, and of course, the most talked about event in April, Coachella! We could only imagine how overwhelming it can be to have to create a whole new look for each day at Coachella. Like always #CITYBABES, we got your back, and will be giving you some tips on some Coachella inspired looks.

      First off, this year, SoCal has been so fortunate to have had some showers in the winter that brought us fields of beautiful blossomed flowers. The poppies sparked an inspiration for my Coachella look, and I went further than poppies and opted for sunflowers because I love them! I really wanted my look to blend with the sunflowers and almost make it appear as if we were one group of golden sunflowers. So everything from my outfit, to my makeup had to match my vision.
      For this look, I used the following products:
      Be Bold Brow-Dark Brown (Coming Soon)
      Flawless Concealer-Medium 2 (Coming Soon)
      Spotlight Palette 1st and 4th shade on the last row
      Miami Vibrant Eye Palette-Yellow shade
      Smudge Brush CCB104
      Marble Brush Collection
      Iced Metallic Liquid Pigments-Golden Copper
      Liquid Matte Extreme Longwear-Rust
      Flawless Primer
      Be Nude Foundation-Nude 202
      Be Nude Pressed Finishing Powder-Nude 202
      Photo Chic Loose Setting Powder
      I personally love doing eyeshadow first before applying any face makeup just because if I mess up or have too much fallout I can always wipe off and start over as opposed to if you already have a full face, it’s a little harder to fix your mistakes. To begin, I filled in my brows with the Be Bold Brow Micro Pencil in Dark Brown and then switch the Flawless Concealer in Medium 2. Now, you can either prime your lids with the concealer and then set it with the Photo Chic Loose Setting Powder or you can use the Shadow Primer. I personally prefer prepping my lids with the concealer so I opted for that. 

      Once I prepped my lids, I began by using the newly launched Spotlight palette. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for!? This palette is absolutely amazing in pigmentation, and the color selection is so versatile, it can be used for every season of the year. I used two shades from the Spotlight Palette, the first matte shade that’s like a light taupe on the lower left of the palette on my crease, and the fourth matte shade on the outer corners of my eyes to add some definition. I brought the dark brown shade down toward my bottom lash line and smoked it out just a bit. Because my look was inspired by the golden sunflowers, I also used the yellow shadow in the Miami Vibrant Eye Palette. I applied the yellow shade into the inner corner of my eyes and worked it upwards right beneath my brows and a little in towards the center of my eyelids. A little bit of the yellow shadow was also smoked out on the inner corner of my bottom lash line. In order to perfectly smoke out my lower lash line, I used my favorite smudge brush, CCB104. I topped the yellow shadow with the Iced Metallic Liquid Pigments in the color Gold. I applied just a little bit of the metallic liquid pigments on the inner corner and also in towards the center of my eyelids. I brought down the metallic liquid pigments down underneath my inner corner and below my lower lash line to make the color pop a a little more.  

      As soon as I finish my eyeshadow, I dig right into my face, I begin by prepping it with the Flawless Primer and proceed by applying the Be Nude Cream Foundation. I love full coverage so I layer it to create the look I desire. Before setting it, I apply the Flawless conceal underneath my eyes, and above the center of my eyebrows. I set the concealer with the Photo Chic Loose Setting Powder and my foundation with the Be Nude Pressed Finishing Powder. For my contour, and blush, I reach for the Be Gorgeous Palette because I absolutely love the bronzer! And for my highlight I used the Highlight Trio. Although this was meant to be more of a subtle Coachella inspired look, you know I had to add more pop than just the Iced Metallic Liquid Pigments so for my lips, I used the Liquid Matte Extreme Long-wear in the color Rust and I added just a touch of the Diamond Dazzlers Lip Topper in the color Golden Copper.

      So #CityBabes, Hope you all enjoyed my Coachella Inspired look! Don’t forget to tag us on your Coachella looks for a chance to be feature on our social media outlets. Use hashtag #CITYBABE. Til next time, #CITYFAM!


      Melissa Martinez