Spring Forward

Shop smart and save

February 26, 2019

HHello City Babes,

Valentine’s Day is officially behind us which means Spring is just around the corner. Spring is definitely my favorite time of year because it colors the world in a beautiful way. Spring brings us greener grass, bluer skies, blossomed flowers, and of course, colorful makeup. Now that spring is approaching, I need to start adding a little more color to my vanity and closet!

So by now you all know that I love getting deals and saving money, but that’s not my secret to collecting new makeup and clothes. My secret is simple, before each season, I always purchase what I will need prior to the season beginning. So, for example, if I know Spring is coming, I will start to buy an item or two every other week. One week I will order a lipstick and a cute top. The following week, a pair of shorts with some blush, and so on. This way when Spring arrives, I’m already set and ready to conquer the season with a loaded vanity and stylish outfits. I’ve already started collecting new makeup and clothes for the spring, and I’ve got to admit, my favorite item that I know will be my go-to for Spring are the Be Bold Color Liner.

The Be Bold Colored Liner comes in 6 different bold colors so you can literally have one for every outfit, and occasion. The flexible brush tip allows for you to create precise and sharp lines. So, whether you want a bold dramatic wing or a subtle simple look, the Be Bold Colored Liner has got you covered. Not only does it have a flexible brush tip, but it’s also water-resistant which means it will last through those Spring showers. Another AMAZING product that has already become a fave is the Clear Canvas Primer.

The Clear Canvas Primer is for all skin types, and it’s the perfect Primer to help hydrate and brighten your complexion. I personally love this primer for the mere fact that it’s so smoothing, and it protects my face from all the makeup I pack on. A primer is like the foundation of a house, you need a good one to hold everything your gonna put on top of it! It’s important to have a good base because it will not only hold your makeup together, but it will also protect your skin from everything you throw on after the primer. Skincare is a big part of my daily routine because as a teenager I suffered from acne, and caring properly for my skin has helped me reduce the breakouts. Caring for your skin right now will also help prepare it for when aging goes into full force! But since everyone had their own skin type, be sure to check out all of our primers here! And for all my #CityBlogBabes I have you covered! From now until March 3rd, use code “CityBlog” on the purchase of ANY two primers and save big! You can buy one and get one at 50% off, this is the perfect time to find your perfect primer. 

So, City Babes, topic of the day is shop smart and care for your skin. Be sure to check out the Be Bold Colored Liners if you haven’t yet because I can assure you, they are going to become a staple in your everyday look during the spring and summer! Til next time #CityFam.


Melissa Martinez