Holiday Essentials & Favorites

A Guide To Everything You Need This Season

December 13, 2019

Hey #CityBabes , Welcome back to the #CityColorBlog! We know it's been a while, but we missed you guys and it's so nice to finally be back.
Since Thanksgiving just passed and the rest of the big holidays are right around the corner, we thought of no better way to celebrate than with a list of some of our holiday essentials and favorites.

Our first favorite here at City Color Cosmetics for this time of year are our #GlitterQuads! I mean who doesn’t love a hint of glitter especially around this time of year. Our Glitter Quads are cute, small and perfect to help complete any look. They come in three different color ways which means there are up to 12 colors. Our first quad comes with silver, hot pink, green and brown. Our second comes with gold, orange, deep/bright purple and another sort of hot pink color and our last quad comes with another tone of silver, a rust color, electric blue, and emerald green. I mean let’s face it all these colors are perfect for the holidays this time of year. 

 Our second holiday favorite are our #BeBoldColorLiners, because just in case you don’t want to use glitter and go simpler on the eyeshadow you can still add a really cool pop of color with your liner! Our Be Bold Color Liners can help you do that, they come in six different shades including Shaved Ice (White), Olive (Green), Blueberry (Blue), Lemonade (Yellow), Eggplant (Purple) and Pumpkin (Orange). Our Be Bold Color Liners are also great for a cut crease! 

Next, the #Daydream and #Lucidream Palettes are amazing for this time of year. I know we’ve been pushing them a lot because they are our newest product, but let me tell you… This set is the best bang for your buck. Both palettes come with 18 shades each which means 36 shades all together. Not only do you get 36 shades, but you get different kinds of shades - matte, metallic and shimmer shadows so you can create just about any look since there's so much to choose from. If you’re into lighter and softer tones we have the Daydream palette which features those lighter and softer colors you’ll be looking for, but also gives a few pops of deeper and brighter shades to give the palette a good mix and so you can get a bit more versatile when creating. As far as the Lucidream palette goes, it features darker colors like black and a very bright yet deep purple, and foresty green color which would be a perfect palette for a night look! Either way these sister palettes have everything you need and you can even mix and match them if you want to!

We also want to highlight our #BeMatteLiquidLipsticks they are definitely an essential for the holidays, bold lips are everything! Our liquid lipsticks come in eight different shades and are highly pigmented, quick drying and super long lasting. They’re perfect if you’re going for a daring look or if you just want to add a pop of color to your lips and finish off your look the right way. You can even combine it with our City Color #BeMatteLipLiner for a more defined look. 

Of course you can’t forget a Brush Set, or else how will you put your makeup on… One of our favorites here is our #CityColor #RoseEverydayBrushSet. It’s the perfect set. First, it’s sparkly to get you in the mood for the season and comes in an equally glittery bag making it easy for anyone on the go. This set also includes 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes for a complete set of 10 to help you get that flawless beat! 

The next holiday essential and City Color favorite is our #PhotoChicHighlightTrio. Like many of our other products this highlight trio comes in 3 different color ways. A Rose Gold color way that features three pinkish colors - a light pink, a darker rose color and a gold with rosy undertones. This trio also comes in Champagne and HoloFX which is our holographic trio that features a lavender purple, a very light blue and white that all carry a silvery undertone. No makeup look feels complete without some highlight and there’s no such thing as too much highlight, so get your trio and start shining like you know you should babes we have just about every color that will compliment any makeup look.

One of the best deals we have are our #BeBattyLashes. They’re falsie lashes for the unbeatable price of $2.99! Yasss you read that right, our Be Batty Lashes come in four different styles “StayC” a natural/flirty lash, “Steph” a lengthy lash, “Laura” a voluminous lash, and “Maria” and extra and dramatic lash. We have the perfect lash for everyone and every occasion especially now that the holidays are right around the corner, lashes will add the extra little flare to your everyday look or your holiday look. 

Last but not least, we have one of my personal favorites our #FairyLights it's a Liquid Eyeshadow Glitter. This essential is part of our Into The Forest Collection and is the cutest and easiest to use product ever. Each Fairy Light stick is a duo so it comes with two colors. We have these in 3 color ways as well Kingdom, Realm and Dimension. Kingdom is an orange and redish-brown duo, Realm is a silver and gray duo and Dimension is our Gold and brown duo. These colors are perfect for all year-round, Realm and Dimension are especially perfect for this time of year. The best part of our Fairy Lights eyeshadow is that they’re quick drying, mess free and come with a flexible, soft and super easy to use wand applicator.

Well #CityBabes that wraps up our holiday essentials and favorites here at #CityColor. We hope you enjoyed reading our newest blog and that you’ll keep an eye out for our next one! Till then we hope you all have happy holidays and if you try out any of our products don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #CityBabeFaves so we can keep track of your favorites and tag/shout you out. Until next time #CityFam, thanks for reading!