Love N’ Hollywood Glam

Valentines Day Eye Shadow 

February 04, 2019

Hello City Babes,

I hope you all enjoyed the SoCal sun that came to visit for about two minutes right before this rain storm hit us. 2019 just keeps on giving, we’ve got that much needed rain, clear and focused mind and now NEW PRODUCTS! As we go into February, I’m all about our new products for Valentine’s Day because you know your girl has got to be looking Poppin’ for her anniversary! Well, its not my official “I’m married “anniversary it’s my, dateaversary. Any who, point given, I’ve got to look bomb!

On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, I usually opt for wearing black or red. Since Black and Red are bold colors, I usually like to keep my makeup neutral. Plus, I’ve always been a sucker for a neutral glam, it’s just who I am. When I first got my hands on the Hollywood Glam palette, I instantly fell in love with it because of the shade selection. Not only am I obsessed with the colors, but the palette contains a primer, 4 eye shadows, and 1 pressed glitter. The eye shadows are each labeled, instructing you where to best apply each shade. So, whether you are new to makeup or a pro in the industry, the labeling comes in handy. The best thing about the palette has to be the pressed glitter. I love how you can create a neutral look with just this palette, but also glam it up with the pressed glitter if your feeling “extra”.

Since we still have some time before Valentine’s Day, I decided to do two different looks with the Hollywood Glam Palette. The first look is a very subtle neutral Smokey eye, very simple yet glamorous enough to make a statement. Just how I like it! For the second look, I will use the same subtle neutral Smokey eye, except this time, I’ll be adding some of the pressed glitter. I absolutely love both of these looks but still can’t decide which one I will be using for my Valentine’s Day look. So, City Babes, which look shall it be? Take some time to think about it and let me know what your thoughts are on these looks!

If you are the opposite of me and love your bold colors, don’t fret because Hollywood Glam has two sisters in the family that like any siblings are similar in appearance, but nothing alike inside. Miami Vibrant is all in its name, vibrant and exotic like Miami! The colors in this palette are bright and fun. The Manhattan Chic palette is filled with subtle neutral shades, perfect for a coffee date on the upper east side. These fabulous sisters are all enriched with Vitamin E and are also highly pigmented. The colors in these palettes make them perfect for any occasion and the packaging makes them suitable for use at home or on the go.

Which palette is your favorite? Make sure you tag us on all your posts featuring our products! We love to see your work and share it with the rest of our #CityFam! Til next time!


Melissa Martinez