Welcome To The 20s

Everything You Can Expect From City Color This Year 

January 3, 2020

Hey City Babes!

Welcome back to the #CityColorBlog and Happy New Year! Can you guys believe how fast 2019 flew by. We hope you had a fabulous last year and we wish you all a new year full of lots of success and makeup! We ended a whole decade and are on to the next now, wow happy 2020! We have a lot of plans and big things coming this year here at #CityColor and we hope all of you #CityBabes will continue to join us in our journey, because we’re excited to bring you all along for the ride, new beginnings, goals, and of course new products!  

At the moment we’re really excited to have teamed up with our friends at Empowered Chic to give you guys the coolest giveaway for the new year! Our giveaway is themed “New Year, New Me”, and it’s a makeover because we want to make you guys feel empowered, confident and ready to take on this year and this new decade! We’ll be giving one lucky winner $100 worth of a personal stylist session and a free outfit, plus an invitation to our makeup studios to get all glammed up and some free makeup goodies. This is our first giveaway of the year but we hope to have plenty more to offer you babes this year.

Something else we’re super excited about if you haven’t already heard, is announcing our first new product of the year! It’s actually only five days away! What a way to start off the new year, am I right!? We’re introducing 2 new lines of foundations the #BeNude and #BeMatte Foundations! I know a lot of our #CityFam have been anticipating new base makeup from us and well we heard you and are giving the people what they want. Stay tuned until January 8th to find out more and follow us on IG to see all our sneak peeks and more.

This year we’ll also be working on connecting more with you guys, our #CityColorFam. We’re so grateful for you all and can’t wait to see all the beautiful looks you guys create this year using #CityColor products. This year we’ll be tapping into creating more and better content for you all, including live videos, IGTV videos and all that good stuff. We would love to hear what you babes would be interested in seeing from us, so if you have any suggestions email us, DM us, tweet us!

Well #CityBabes thanks for reading our first blog of 2020 we hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll keep an eye out for our next one! Till then Happy New Year again, we hope you guys slay this year and follow through with all your goals, plans and resolutions. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay updated and never miss out on anything #CityColor, trust me you don’t want to miss out on everything we’ll be doing this year! Until next time City Babes, stay beautiful!



Pro-Tip: During winter time the weather can be really harsh on our skin and dry us out much more than usual by sucking out the moisture. This is important with makeup application because if your skin is dry your makeup won’t last as long and it can even get/look flaky which no one wants. Make sure you're keeping your skin healthy and hydrated by moisturizing! A great product to help with dryness, moisturizing and even makeup application is our Tea Tree Primer Oil