Surviving The Rest Of Winter

A Guide to The Most Essential City Color Products For This Season

January 27, 2020

Hey #CityBabes welcome back again to the #CityColorBlog, we hope you’re settling into the new year well and keeping up with all your goals, plans and resolutions so far! Today we wanted to talk about what the essential #CityColor products for surviving the winter season are. There are still about 2 months left of the winter season so we thought what better time to give you guys a guide to help get through the rest of it. We’ll mostly be focusing on two main areas including lips and face.

Starting with the face, we have four products we want to highlight. As we mentioned in our pro-tip at the end of our last blog the winter can be really harsh on our skin but lucky for you #CityBabes we have just the right products to help prevent this. We have two really great primers that we know are great year-round but more specifically around this time. Our #GlowPrimerOil and our #HydrateMePrimer, I personally love both of these and have been using the Hydrate Me Primer religiously.

The Glow Primer Oil is perfect on a day when your skin is feeling extra dry, flaky and dull because the oil is infused with tea tree that seeps in to get rid of any dryness and removes flakiness. Plus, if your skin has been looking dull it gives the extra effect of  glowing healthy skin. Not only does the Glow Primer Oil help with that but it also creates a smooth surface so that your foundation glides on super smooth and easy. If you have naturally oily skin and aren’t too worried about so much dryness but still need a good primer our #HydrateMePrimer is perfect for you. The Hydrate Me primer is nice because it does its job while giving you the extra hydration everyone still needs during this time but just feels like you’re putting on face lotion/moisturizer. 

Next is our #BeNudeFoundation. It’s part of our new lines of foundations which just launched a couple of weeks ago. It’s perfect for this time of year because it is a lightweight and dewy finish formula that gives sheer coverage. It doesn’t dry up the way a matte formula would and on top of that it’s also infused with Aloe Vera which has a calming effect and is super beneficial to the skin by helping reduce redness, dryness and itchiness and inflammation.

Our last face product is our #BeMatteBronzer. During the winter months there is less sun so we tend to lose that bronzed skin that summer brings. We want to help keep you still looking bronzed, that’s why our Be Matte Bronzer is essential to your winter makeup bag. It’ll keep you looking like you never lost your summer glow at all and not only that but this bronzer can also double as contour!

Moving on to our lips, which *fun fact* is the most sensitive part of our body because of how thin our skin is and how many nerve endings are located there. It’s important to make sure we’re always taking care of them and giving them the protection and care they need. Some of my favorite #CityColor products are lip products. Starting with the, a tinted lip moisturizer that comes in four different shades. It’s infused with vitamin E which makes it a key element in hydrating, softening and keeping moisturized. It’s a nice alternative to a chap stick because since it’s tinted it still gives you a cute pop of color.

Our #GlazinLipOil is also another amazing nourishing formula. It’s very similar to a lip gloss and even leaves your lips looking and feeling glossy. It is made with Jojoba and Argan oil as well as Shea Butter to soften your lips and give them a plump and luscious look and feel. The best part about our Glazin Lip Oil is that is perfect on its own if you want a simple glossy lip but it’s also great as a pair to spice up any other lip color combination.

Well #CityBabes, that’s all we have for today. Thanks for reading our newest blog we hope you enjoyed it and will keep an eye out for our next one. If you’re having a tough time with your winter makeup routine don’t forget to try out some of the products we talked about here and if you’ve already tried them let us know how they worked for you. Until next time babes, stay beautiful!


Pro-tip: Mixing your Hydrating primer with your Be Nude foundation and then applying it using a foundation brush will give a lightweight finish and leave the skin with a dewy and luminous glow all day long and will also help the foundation glide on super easily.