Be you. Be Beautiful. Be City Colour.

Often times it can become very easy to fall into a routine. City Color Cosmetics would like to remind you to Explore A Real You!® Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little: add some glitter or some color and go out there. Follow your heart, take on adventures, embrace the world, and be open to all the beauty around you. Be You, Be Beautiful, Be City Color®.

City Color® is developed in the sunny state of California. City Color® was created with the purpose of giving everyone an opportunity to feel Vibrant. Bold. Beautiful®. Our products are premier quality, trendy, affordable and of course, bunny approved. Considering consumers feedback and desires, our Product Development team strives to develop innovation the beauty industry has yet to see every day. City Color’s® mission is to equip everyone with professional quality makeup without having to break the bank.