Glamming Out With My Winter Faves

Hello City Babes, 

Winter is officially upon us! The rain has come down with full force this past week and I’m honestly not complaining. Sunny SoCal has hardly ever had a real winter, like has winter ever really been a thing here? I don’t know, but I am loving every bit of this! Rain is a beautiful thing. It brings us water, rainbows, and sunny blue skies, but like all good things, before getting to the good stuff, we must deal with the not so good stuff like the humidity and cold weather that rain brings. 

Humidity and the cold weather are a struggle during the Winter months. Throughout the year I usually have normal to combination skin but in the Winter months my skin becomes very dry. So how can I hydrate my dry skin during this cold season? The answer is simple, I use a hydrating primer with a demi-matte foundation. The Tea Tree Primer Oil, enriched with tea tree, is perfect for this type of weather because it moisturizes my skin without leaving an oily residue behind. Usually I stick to my matte foundations, but I’ve come to find that demi-matte foundations are becoming my new favorite thing. The new Be Nude Cream Foundation is lightweight and enriched with Vitamin E but is buildable to your desire. In the past, I’ve struggled with building up matte foundations as they tend to become uncomfortable when the formula is thick and feels heavy, but you can rest easy, the Be Nude Cream Foundation is both lightweight and buildable. Whether you’re going for the natural glow or the full coverage look, the Be Nude Cream Foundation is your go-to for both. To finish off the glam, I used the Hello Beautiful face palette that literally has everything and anything your face may need! From Contour, to blush and highlight, to options of setting powder like banana or HD. The built-in mirror and light weight packaging make for the perfect palette at home or on the go. What I love most about this palette is the formula. Its pigmentation is so ridiculous that you actually need to be careful because a little product does go a long way. Aside from that, this palette is vegan friendly and enriched with Vitamin E. 

So, enough about what works out for me, I’m interested to know in what works for you City Babes! Comment below or share your winter favorites with us on social media! If you post your winter faves, be sure to tag us and hash tag #CityBabeWinterFaves so that we can see what you love! 

This wraps up the topic of ‘Glamming Out With My Winter Faves.’ Be sure to grab your Be Nude Cream Foundation ASAP!These babies are so good and already requested by many, get yours before they sell out! Hope your week is amazing and as productive as you need it to be. Stay Gorgeous my City Babes. 



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