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  • 5 Beauty Products to buy yourself this year

    It's a new year and there's probably tons of cool products you saw on Instagram or Facebook last year, but you just didn't get the nerve to. Well here is our list of products we think are worth giving a try this year.

    1. Bold Lip Stain/Paint


    Bold bright glossy hues of red, pink, and orange were all the rage last year and this trend isn't going anywhere. With spring right around the corner, try a bold bright color to really make a statement. Creamy Lips are the perfect combo of color and gloss to keep you lips in style.

    2. Face Primer

    So you've watched a few videos and followed a few tutorials on YouTube and most experienced makeup artists and beauty bloggers always begin with a primer. Why?  Well just like you prepare your walls with paint primer before you paint them, face primer acts in almost the same way. Face primer prepares your face for the application of foundation and other makeup products. By using primer it creates a smooth base and gives your makeup something to hold onto for a longer lasting natural look .

    3. Color Corrector

     Color correcting palette

    You've given concealer a try, but seeing the green, yellow and orange and thinking, how does that go on my face? Don't worry you're not alone. Color Correcting may seem intimidating at first glance, but is actually very simple. From the Perfecting Palette , 1)Use the green to cover redness/blemishes, 2) Yellow for dark spots, and 3) Orange for dark under eye circles, lastly blend, blend, blend and voila! You've color corrected.

    4. Highlight

    city color highlighter

    Ever wonder how some women just look like glowing goddesses? Their secret, Highlight. Sweeping a subtle colored or shimmer highlight over forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin will instantly waken your face and leave people wondering what's got you glowing! Bronzers, highlighters, and illuminators, like Sunlight Trio,  are made to emphasize the areas the sun naturally spotlights.

    5. Contour

    One of makeup's biggest secrets to accentuate your best features is Contouring. In it's most basic technique, contouring is highlighting and lowlighting areas of your face. You lowlight  the areas that you want to downplay and highlight the areas you want to draw attention to. For every area you lowlight, you want to balance with a highlight. For best results, use a darker matte contour shade at least 3 times darker than you skin tone and highlight with a light frost or shimmer shade. For beginners,  Contour Effects Palette, is great kit to get started and includes a contour, bronzer and highlight along with instructions on where to apply each one.
    Photo Credit: Lien Jae, Phernandez_MK, and
    Author: Britney Young

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