Makeup Bag Must-haves

What's in your bag? 

City Color Cosmetics Makeup bag Must-haves

Every girl  has her go-to items  inside her makeup bag that she just cannot live without. I spent some time talking with the girls of the City Color team to learn what City Color products they cannot live without. 
If you could only choose 3 City Color Cosmetics products to use everyday, what would they be and why?
"I would choose our Be Matte Lipstick because it is long lasting, our Timeless Beauty Palette because it comes with a mirror and there are so many looks you can create with it, and our Bold Brow kit because I look sick without my brows." Phoebe Shieh, Brand Manager for City Color Cosmetics
If you had to choose between Be Matte Lipstick and Be Matte Blush to have an unlimited supply of for the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why?
"Probably our Be Matte lipsticks, because there's an infinite amount of shades  to choose from; practically a color for any occasion." Brianda Rincon, Graphic Production Manager for City Color Cosmetics

What City Color must-haves do you think every girl should have in her makeup bag? 
"Be Matte Lipstick , City Color Waterproof Mascara, Line Me Liner, Contour Effects Palette and Be Matte Blush." Celebrity Make-up Artist Necee Wilson
Now that you've learned some of the items we can't live without, tell us your City Color must-haves in the comments below. Also, don't forget to stop by to pick up some of your City Color must-haves today!

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