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  • 3 Days Left! Don't miss out!

    Go pink this month and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month! City Color Cosmetics
    "Go Pink" Bundle will donate 100% of the proceeds to The Breast Cancer
    Research Foundation. Help us in the fight against breast cancer.

    “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in
    which you really stop to look fear in the face.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

    "Go Pink" Bundle will be available until October 31, 2013 11:59pm PST.

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  • Halloween Makeup!

    Don't forget to pick up your Halloween Makeup!

    Get inspired with City Color Cosmetics 24 Eye Shadow Palette. Comes in 4 richly pigmented collections to create your ultimate thrilling look.

    24 Eye Shadow Palette - 
    Shadow Primer -

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  • The Los Angeles Ultimate Women's Expo

    Who is going to the Los Angeles Ultimate Women's Expo this Saturday, October 26-27?

    Come visit us and see all our amazing new products!
    Buy Tickets NOW @

    Indulge in lots of free samples, gourmet tastings and delicacies.
    Discover the season's best from luxury boutiques to emerging designers. Featuring the very best products and services with more than 600 amazing companies in one building!
    • Cooking Theatre
    • InStyle Stage
    • Rejuvenation Tea Garden
    • Decorating Stage
    • The Beauty Pavilion
    • The Hair Makeover Stage
    • Martini and Nail Bar
    • Inspiring Seminars
    • Over 550 Fashion and Beauty Booths     
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  • National Mammography Day!

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would like
    recognize Angie on National Mammography Day!

    Not too long ago, Actress, Angelina Jolie came out to
    the public about her prophylactic double mastectomy to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. As we honor breast cancer awareness month, City Color Cosmetics has prepped an adorable “Go Pink” Bundle, where 100% of the proceeds raised will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and available throughout October.

    Angelina’s signature look is the cat eye with a nice
    neutral lip. You can recreate Angie’s look with a number of our City Color
    Cosmetics products.
    First, take our Shadow Primer in the color Nude and
    smooth it all across your eyelids. This will make your eye makeup last longer
    on your eyelids throughout the day.

    Then, use our White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse
    to brighten your eyes by applying it to the inside corners.
    Next, use Collection 1 of our Nighttime Shadow palette to
    create a natural smokey look. Just a little goes a long way; blend it out.
    Smudge, smudge, smudge to get that same sultry Angelina look.
    Now here’s the tricky part. For this step, we’ll use our
    Line Me Liner in Black to recreate Angelina’s cat eye. Sometimes, she uses
    liners that are easier to smudge, which can be difficult with our Line Me
    Liner’s waterproof formula. This thin-to-thick trick creates the illusion of
    bigger eyes.
    Finish up the eye makeup with our Auto Eyeliner Pencil
    in Black on the bottom waterline. Just line it up all the way and smudge it if
    you have to for that smokier look.

    As for her lips, we can take the Auto Lip Pencil in
    Toffee and outline the lips.

    Lastly, gloss up your lips with the Glam Gloss in Soft
    Pink. Angie likes just a slight sheen to her naturally full lips so a neutral
    look is usually in order for her. This is the final touch-up to Angelina
    Jolie’s signature look.

  • Halloween Costume Idea

     Halloween is almost here! Need an idea for a costume?

    Check out this Modern Pinup Girl look by YouTube Beauty Guru Queenii Rozenblad
    City Color products used:
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  • Photo Shoot Fashion

    Photo ready with City Color Cosmetics Sunkissed Trio!

    Makeup Artist, Necee Wilson, features City Color Cosmetics’ illuminating Sunkissed Trio to highlight and contour on set.
    Sunkissed Trio -

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    Makeup Artist Facebook -
    Necee Wilson Website -
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  • Trend Alert! Prune Eyes for Fall

    Fall is here and so are the autumn trends! Prune Eyes are one
    particular trend that has caught our attention for this cozy season.
    Want to get this chic fall look?

    Recreate the Prune Eye look with City Color Cosmetics’ All Occasion Eye Shadow Palette in Collection 11. Its brown and purple hues are richly pigmented
    to help accentuate your eyes. Your can wear this color combination lightly, as
    seen on Glamour Beauty’s website for Fashion Week, or wear these colors heavily
    for an intense smokey Prune Eye look, like Kristen Stewart sported at the Emmy
    Awards last month.
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    All Occasion Eye Shadow Palette -
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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

    Strength is beauty!

    We want to kick off October by supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month! #CityColorCosmetics
    "Go Pink" Bundle will donate 100% of the proceeds to The Breast Cancer
    Research Foundation. Help us in the fight against breast cancer.

    “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in
    which you really stop to look fear in the face.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

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