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  • Must Have Dual End Lip Gloss!

    Hey Beauties,

    How are you? I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share City Color's Dual-End Lip Glosses with you.  These glosses come in a variety of colors to complement all skin tones. 

    One end has a sheer lipstick that has the moisture of a balm.  The best thing about the lipstick is that it's a twist up providing you with the right amount of coverage. The opposite end is a very sheer gloss created to combine with the lipstick. The gloss really complements the lip color and is perfect for you when you're on the go or when you just need some color to run out of the house!

    You can pick these up at Rite Aid stores now! Have any of you tried these? 

    On another note - what lip colors are you all wearing for Summer?  I'm really into the neutral & pinks this summer.

    Thanks & Stay Glamazing!,

  • Don't Miss New Lip Gloss, Lip Balm & Eyeshadow Palette!

    Hello Again Beauties,

    I'm excited to share some of our new products with you! Over the weekend I "played" a little and experimented with some of our new lip balms and eyeshadows. The colors are definitely on trend and fun to apply and wear.

    I love, love the new eyeshadow palette's fun "eye" shape and that it includes eight shades and applicator. The colors range from pale baby blue to turquoise as well as lime green to military brown.

    Here's a photo of my modeling the colors as well a shot of the unique palette:

    The next item is the adorably packaged lip shaped Lip Gloss in "Purple".  It's super glossy with a hint of shimmer.  Pulling it out of your purse puts a little smile on your face:):

    Lastly, I'm also loving the moisturizing Lip Balm in "Bright Red". It has that great cherry chapstick scent and provides a soft sheen of color without being too dramatic. Perfect when you need just a tad of color or when you need to run out the house:

    Let me know what you think of these photos. What are your favorite summer cosmetic lip and eye products?

    Be sure you're following us on our blog and pass these new and affordable products along to your friends. Also be sure to follow us on twitter (click here) Again, all of the products can be purchased at Rite Aid Stores:)

    Thanks for reading!
    Stay Glamazing,

  • New Multi-Flash Lenticular Eye Palette Is A Must!

    Hello Beauties,

    I hope you are all doing well! Again, we at City Color Cosmetics are extremely excited for our winners of the first two giveaways, @ladyboarder9669 and @Assyrianspirit. We look forward to upcoming giveaways in the near future.

    More great news!!... we have a new June 2012 newsletter to share, Click Here to read! This issue offers information on exciting things to come with City Color Cosmetics including new products and a new E-commerce site allowing you to purchase products online.

    Lastly, I wanted to share our two newest products with you. The Lenticular Eye Palettes are here and fabulous! Yes, I shared "The Dark Room" palette with you all last month, but now I am excited to share color swatches of "The Multi-Flash" palette. This new palette is so gorgeous. The colors are bright, highly pigmented and will add that extra glam to your bright & cheery summer outfits!

    You can pick both palettes up at Rite Aid stores today! Does anyone have one already? If so, leave a comment on the blog or on our twitter page (Click here to follow us). Also, tell me what you think of the color swatches below? Which colors do you plan on wearing this summer? I'm really into the pink and gold shadow colors and love how they complement my darker skin tone. Photos below:

    I can also say that the colors in this palette are long-lasting which is important to me since my days are pretty long. I know most of us ladies are quite busy so this is a must-have:)

    Well, thanks for reading as always!

    Stay glamazing,

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